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Acoustic Guitar Gigbag ARM1550w

Acoustic guitar Gigbag ARM1550W


Acoustic Guitar Gigbag ARM1550W

Armour is a brand that represents quality protection for how and when you use your instrument. It gets the job done.

With a range offering different levels of foam thickness and rigid foam protection, as well as features such as reinforced handles, supports and oversized zippers, your gear will always be safe.

The ARM1550W  is an excellent Gig Bag to protect your Guitar.

For a superior level of protection, you need the ARM1550 Deluxe Style Gig Bag to keep your prized Instrument safe. It comes with a massive 12mm Padding, Back Straps, huge Size 10 Zippers, Internal Neck Supports and Rubber Handles and Base Protectors. It also features a multitude of pocket storage solutions to keep all your accessories secure and organised.

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