In shop:

In our physical shop located in C/ Tallers, Nº 46, purchases can be made using cash or credit cards. Our sales team will be delighted to attend to your needs and advise you.


  • By telephone:

By contacting us during our business hours (Monday to Friday 11h to 19h and Saturday 11h to 18h). You will receive our written proposal and order confirmation at the time to the Email you provide.

Once the payment has been made by bank transfer or PayPal, and we have been provided with your details, fiscal domicile and (if different) delivery address, together with a mobile number where the transport agency can contact you, the order will be dispatched within 24 hours of the money being correctly received by GUITAR SHOP. Please bear in mind that if a transfer is made from a bank other than La Caixa, the payment may take up to 24 hours and that the order will only be dispatched once GUITAR SHOP is in correct receipt of the full amount.

You can cancel your order at any time during the purchasing process. If your order has been dispatched to the delivery address and you wish to cancel it, this can also be done, and although the full amount for the product will be returned in accordance with the general return conditions, transport costs will not be refunded.

  • By email:

By writing here, we will answer on the same working day with the same conditions as in the previous section.

  • On the internet:

By using the shopping basket on the website.


At the GUITAR SHOP premises: cash and credit cards (no extra charges)

Remotely: Bank transfer, PayPal (the buyer assuming any PayPal costs, so GUITAR SHOP receives the full amount, or the payment will be returned) and credit card (only over the internet).

Deferred payment:

  • Loan from GUITAR SHOP (interest-free). This method can only be organised in person in the shops. See conditions HERE

GUITAR SHOP may modify the prices of the articles without prior warning. In the event of an error in the prices listed on the website, GUITAR SHOP reserves the right to cancel, after communication with the client, the purchase made.


All shipping is managed by the MRW transport agency unless the client specifies otherwise and is ready to assume the cost of another agency at the time of placing the order.

Once the order is finalised (that is, when the payment has entered our account), you will receive the merchandise within a period of 24 – 36 hours, at the address indicated on the purchase form (for shipments to mainland Spain and Portugal). If you have any delivery preferences (morning or afternoon), please indicate this at the time of purchase.

For international shipping, consult costs and conditions at the time of purchase. 

If on receiving the package, you observe any imperfection on the material, notify GUITAR SHOP immediately. Please report complaints as quickly as possible so as to aid subsequent negotiations with the transport agency.  24 hours after the reception of the material, if no complaint has been made, the delivery will be understood to have been made without incident.


In accordance with European legislation, all NEW products have a 3 year guarantee from the purchase date appearing on the invoice or receipt (since January 1st 2022). Used, vintage or second hand material has a guarantee of 3 months.

The payment for material acquired in person in the shop will not be reimbursed unless a factory defect is found. If the client changes their mind or is not satisfied they may receive, should the article fulfil the conditions listed below, a voucher equivalent to the purchase amount.
In the event of any problem within the guarantee period, the client must contact us by telephone or via email, and we will immediately proceed with the management of the guarantee as long as the material has not been manipulated, touched or repaired by a luthier not associated with GUITAR SHOP. The guarantee does not cover the misuse of the products, nor wear produced by their use (non-compatible power-suppliers, falls, wear and tear, moisture, poor maintenance, etc.).
Note: The guarantee for amplifier valves and speakers is 90 days, as it is for issues arising from valve and speaker faults.
After reporting the situation to GUITAR SHOP, products under guarantee may be sent by any transport agency, as long as the client covers the shipping costs (round trip).
If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you have 14 days to return it (3 days if its used or vintage products but check the conditions on each items because certain items are not returnable). To organise any type of return, it is essential to contact the  GUITAR SHOP customer service department previously. Also, returns will only be possible in the following situations:

  • The returned merchandise must be securely packaged, with its original packaging intact and with all its accessories. There must be no signs of use of any type (dirt, scratches, knocks) and the merchandise must be in optimal conditions so as to proceed with its resale. Otherwise, GUITAR SHOP will not accept the return.
  • If the return is handled by the transport agency, the client is liable for the costs of the return. Also, the corresponding return costs (round trip) will be fully borne by the client, merchandise with unpaid transport costs not being accepted. GUITAR SHOP will not accept any liability in the event of transport damage.
  • Once the item is received by GUITAR SHOP our luthiers will proceed to check it and test it to make sure it hasnt been manipulated. In case of refund,  buyer will be charged with both shippings and administration/payment fees  (3% paypal, 1.5% credit card).

Exceptions to the guarantee: wear items such as replacements, pickups, valves, speakers (90 days), tubes, drumsticks, strings, cables, electric batteries, digital pianos, unsealed Software or without its original packaging and/or any product that for reasons of hygiene cannot be resold, such as Jew’s harps, mouth tuners, earphones, anti-pop filters, harmonicas, microphones etc.


As a general rule, GUITAR SHOP BARCELONA does not buy instruments from private individuals, but in exceptional cases we may acquire, appraise or advise on price, or even offer you the possibility of leaving your instrument as a deposit.

If you are interested in selling your instrument, send an email to info@guitarshop.es with photographs and a detailed description of the item and we will respond within 24 hours.

Definitive acceptance by GUITAR SHOP will be subject to in situ verification of the instrument. No transport costs of any kind will be entertained.