Zoom C5.1t
Zoom C5.1t
Zoom C5.1t
Zoom C5.1t
Zoom C5.1t

Zoom C5.1t

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Zoom C5.1t control  multieffects Guitar



  • Simultaneous Recording Channels:2(stereo) Simultaneous Playback Channels: 2(stereo) Quantization: 24bit
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1/48kHz
  • Frequency Response:[44.1kHz] 20Hz to 20kHz (+0dB/-0.5dB) [48kHz] 20Hz to 22kHz (+0dB/-1dB)
  • USB Interface: Type B (USB1.1 Full-speed compatible)
  • Hi-Z Input: 1/4″ phone jack (Input Impedance: 470k, Input Level: -17dBm to +4dBm)
  • Mic Inputs: 2xXLR-1/4″ phone combo jack(Input Impedance: 1k or more, Input Level: -38dBm to +1dBm, Pin 2 Hot / Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND) Line Inputs: 2×1/4″ phone jack (Input Impedance: 47k,
  • Rated Input Level: -10dBm) ?AUX Input: 1/8″ stereo phone jack (Input Impedance: 15k?,
  • Rated Input Level: -10dBm)
  • Phantom Power: 48V(with On/Off switch)
  • Line Outputs: 2×1/4″ phone jack (Output Impedance: 5k or less,
  • Rated Output Level: -10dBm)
  • Headphone Output: 1/4″ stereo phone jack(Output Impedance: 10,
  • Rated Output: 20mW / 32? load)
  • Residual Noise Level: -96dBm (Output Jack, Input short/at the unity gain/IHF-A typ.)
  • Vacuum Tube: 12AX7
  • Direct monitoring: Mono/Stereo switchable
  • Power Requirements: USB bus power
  • Current Draw: 480mA
  • Dimensions: 390(W) x 245(D) x 83(H)mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Supplied Accessory: USB cable

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