stagg alimentador pedales
stagg alimentador pedales
stagg alimentador pedales

Stagg Power supply 9v

Stagg Power supply 9v


  • Power supply: Linear (automatic adaptation to any input voltage between 100 V and 240 V AC (+/- 10 %))
  • Output voltage: 9 V, stabilized
  • Output current: 1.7 A
  • Polarity: Reverse
  • Cable: 1.5 m (59″), reinforced connector
  • Design: Compact and ultra lightweight
  • Compatibility: Popular brands of effects pedals and effects pedal boards, 9-volt adapter-powered accessories and Stagg SPS-DC5M1F multi-cable (to power up to 5 effects pedals simultaneously)
  • Special features: C-MOS technology, noise eliminator circuit and overload protection

blues, effect, principiante, rock

17 VAT Included

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