tube platinum amt electronics
tube platinum amt electronics
tube platinum amt electronics

AMT Electronics Tube Platinum Distortion

AMT Electronics Tube Platinum Distortion



AMT ElectronicsTube Platinum:

The Tube Platinum is in tube the series of effects based on the valve signal limitation principle. A 12AX7(ECC83) tube used in the Tube Platinum circuitry making it possible to obtain a real valve distortion with a unique warmth and density of tone characteristic parallel to real tube driven amps. It is designed for the player who prefers a dense saturated sound produced by a valve working in strong limitation mode. Even at high over-amplification level the valve limiter used in Tube Platinum does not suppress the signal dynamics, which results in wide and bright sound. A favorite pedal with guitarists that want the best lead distortion tube sound. Equipped with Level, Low, High, and Dist knobs for custom tone control.

The smallest, best sounding tube distortion pedal on the market. VERY compact design, making it easy to fit that huge tube tone on your not so big pedalboard!

All AMT pedals are designed to sound equally as good through an amp or direct recorded due to built-in cabinet emulation circuitry. Perfect for live performance and in the studio. You must try one to believe it. The first time you plug one in, you will be instantly addicted to the “AMT Tone”.

Technical Information:
Size: 112mm (4.4″) x 72mm (2.8″) x90mm (3.5″)
Weight: 420g (14.8 oz)
Min. level: -40dB
Nominal: -26dB
Max. level: +17dB
Resistance: 1 kOm
Max. level: +12dB
Current of the consumption: 420 mA with 9V
LEVEL: loudness of distortion.
LOW: regulates the level of low-frequency components.
HIGH: regulates the level of high-frequency components.
DRIVE: regulates the level of tube overloading.
Power: DC 9V PSA (-) center Adapter Included

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