z-nature clasica con cutaway y caja estrecha
z-nature clasica con cutaway y caja estrecha
Alhambra Z-NATURE Cutaway Thin Body
Alhambra Z-NATURE Cutaway Thin Body

Alhambra Z-NATURE Cutaway Thin Body

Alhambra Z-Nature Amplificada con Cutaway. Solid cedar top. Gig bag included.


BRAND:  Alhambra

MODEL: Studio Series, Electro Acustic w/ Cutaway


STRINGS: Nylon, Hard Tension D’ Addario EXP44

TOP: Thin, w/cutaway. Solid Cedar.

SIDES: Sapelli

BACK: Sapelli


NECK:  Mahagony


BRIDGE: Rosewood

NUT: Melamine

TUNERS: Std Nickel




The Alhambra Z-Nature guitar is an instrument for beginners, very good quality and very affordable.

In this model, the steps of the manufacturing process have been reduced, as well as its overall cost of production while keeping the recognized quality of Alhambra guitars. In addition, it is important to note that the Alhambra Z-Nature, like the rest of the range of Alhambra instruments, is completely made in Spain.

A fully controlled production process and with total guarantee in the product, respecting the environment, social responsibility and toxic products controlled as well.

With its natural satin finish, the pores of the Z-Nature guitar remain open, allowing the sound of the guitar to resonate.

Alhambra has achieved with the Z-Nature model an instrument with a great volume and excellent comfort. Anyone, who plays this guitar, is pleasantly surprised by its power, timbre of quality and tact.

The saddle and the nut are made of melamine, a material that transmits a lot of sound and offers a round sound, very balanced.

The open pore varnish, besides getting a beautiful guitar, reduces the total weight. The light weight is very interesting for the little ones because they have to carry it to get around and the weight reduction is very important.

The Z-Nature model has a simple but very classy design, a design that expresses its natural beauty. Its neck is made of Mahogany.

With a solid cedar top, this guitar will bring beginners a safe choice and the opportunity to start with an instrument for perfect value for money.

An interesting option for fun
As described above, it is a model with good finish, durable and good value for money, but also with a powerful sound.

A very interesting quality when you are looking for an instrument to accompany or play different musical styles.


“Guitarra hecha en España amplificada más asequible del mercado. Ideal para principiantes o para los que quieren una guitarra de calidad a precio reducido” Carmen 

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